Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Photo Contest Win!

I am delighted to share a recent competition success - my image of the wonderful Suzanne, 'Bridge of Sighs' won the Nude in the Landscape section of 'Nude 2016'!  This competition is arguably the most prestigious of its kind and attracts thousands of entries from all around the world.  Given the standard of images from many acclaimed photographers, I was absolutely chuffed to win!

The image in question was taken at one of my favourite secret little coves on the Devon coast.  It was one of those magical moments when it all comes together on a shoot - the setting, weather, model, pose and composition.  Suzanne was at one end of a narrow chasm in the rocks and I was at the other - a deep rock pool separating us.  I had spied a rock protruding from the water and felt it would provide the perfect spot for Suzanne to pose on.  Because we were some way apart, I asked her to create some dynamic poses and try to fill the space.

She started by standing and stretching her arms, almost touching both sides.  Then after a few minutes she called across the breeze, "I'm going to try something, not sure if it will work..."  What happened next was incredible to behold as Suzanne walked up the sides of the chasm, feet on one side, hands on the other, her body bent to brace herself into a position.  If I hadn't seen and photographed that amazing moment, I wouldn't have believed it was possible.  Thank you Suzanne!

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