Sunday, 12 February 2017

Reunion with an old friend...,

Back in 206 when I was starting out on my adventures in photography, I met a curious and crazily creative young woman who was similarly, dipping her toe into the world of modelling.  Over the decade that followed, I have been happy to see the way her career has developed.  So it was with much excitement that Jess and I met up again last year for a long overdue reunion.  

On an overcast and none to warm day, we ventured onto the North Cornish coast for a day, shooting mainly art nude.  The combination of the soft curves and sensuality of a female figure and the resulting contrast with cold, hard angles found in rock faces, is something that continues to fascinate me.  Fortunately in Jess, I had the perfect model with whom to explore this theme and it was a delight to witness her expressive free flowing modelling style as the following images hopefully show.